Arabic training classes in two levels:

Eloquent Arabic in several steps and semesters:

In all Arabic countries, speaking eloquent Arabic language leads to establishing alliance so, by learning it you can understand all formal written text in Arabic countries.

Arabic accent levels:

The Arabic language has several accents that spread out from the Middle east to North Africa, but totally,  the Arabic language is divided into Arabic, Egyptian, eastern and western accents.

Arabic training for Arabic-language tour leaders and health tourism:

Arabic tourists have had the most medical journey to Iran so, how to provide services and the tour leaders’ manner have the most importance.

The tour leaders should pass the necessary training and have professional skills in this field.

The ways of export to Iraq:

Iraq has almost any production, and Iranian manufacturers by producing high-quality and various productions could earn golden opportunities to export to Iraq. Also, Iranians could compete with countries like Turkey, South Korea, and America.

If Iranian manufacturers have efficient management in target markets supply, export, and selling their products, they could earn a lot of profits.

The ways of export to Persian Gulf countries:

Persian Gulf countries as: Qatar, Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait have good trade relations with Iran and are considered as great potential for non-oil export.