How we work

more our business introduction:

Hatam Tejarat Arya company

Hatam Tejarat Arya is an export-import company that is active in the business and trade field in Iran. Also, this company has been registered in Iran.

Alshefa tourist Therapy

Medical services to tourists.

We present all about tourism and medicine (Airport transfer, tourism and entertaining travel, medicine and treatment, and residential services) in Persian Gulf countries and Iraq.

Site Arabianreservation

Arabianreservation website is active in airplane ticket and hotel booking in Farsi (Persian), Arabic, and English language.

Tayavi Leltejarat Alaame company

Tayavi Leltejarat Alaame is an Iraqi company that I am its manager and it is active in the trade field in Iraq.

Site Arabiangemeston

Arabiangemstone is a professional website that is active in buying valuable and half-valuable stones field in Arabic countries.

Site Shefa Herbal

Alshefa Herbal website is active professionally in diagnosis, treatment, buying herbal medicines and natural honey and therapeutic oils field in Farsi( Persian) and Arabic language.

Who do we work with?

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